The Bald Hills Monitoring Tower

A typical turbine used in wind farms in Victoria

Where is Bald Hills Wind Farm?

Why is the Bald Hills Wind Farm being built?

The Bald Hills Wind Farm is an exciting project that will supply clean and sustainable renewable energy. This project will contribute positively towards meeting the challenges of climate change.

Wind resource monitoring at the Bald Hills Wind Farm site has been undertaken for close to 10 years, confirming that the site is a world class wind resource.

On Monday 06 August, 2012 the Development Plans for the Bald Hills Wind Farm were endorsed by the Minister for Planning and construction at site commenced on Tuesday 07 August 2012.  The current construction works will establish the main site entry in the northern section of the wind farm off Buffalo Waratah Road.  We are also constructing the main site compound where the construction project offices, staff amenities, car parking and secure storage areas will be located.

There will be two other construction entry points for the southern section of the wind farm off the Tarwin Lower Walkerville Road. The southern section will include the construction of a satellite compound for construction staff working in this section of the wind farm. A temporary concrete batching plant to provide concrete for the wind turbine foundations will also be at this site.

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Bald Hills Wind Farm - Time lapse

Bald Hills Wind Farm will be establishing a community fund and we are seeking applications for members of the local community to become members of the Bald Hills Wind Farm Community Fund Committee, which will be responsible to allocation of these funds to eligible community groups and events.

Click here for Bald Hills Wind Farm Community Fund Committee Application Form


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